Mar. 18th, 2011


Mar. 18th, 2011 10:40 am
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Danger Lad! turns four on Sunday and I need to get him a birthday present.

I am totally up the creek. I have no ideas that I have not helpfully provided to family members, who have gone ahead and bought that stuff.

Lately, DL! has been providing me with lists of things he wants, at bedtime, in the following form: "Mommy! Tomorrow, you have to get me a big Batman toy, and Superman, and Supergirl, and Robin, and Green Arrow, and Green Lantern, and WonderWoman. You do that, Mommy."

On the one hand, I am loathe to give him the notion that I shop on demand. On the other, I haven't got a better idea. And on the third, that is a long list, we are awash in Batman already, and wow, the amount of DC licensed character crap that is available on Amazon! Amazon Prime, even! That doesn't mean that this is without issue.

For example, as far as DL! is concerned, John Stewart is Green Lantern. Hal Jordan is some weird white guy in tights. John Stewart is underrepresented in action figures. DL! has not asked for the Flash, but I fangirl the Flash up, down and sideways. I would cook for that guy. So he's getting the Flash. Dammit. As soon as I can find one that doesn't break down into parts the baby will choke on.


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