Jan. 5th, 2011

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Hotspur, in her new persona as Adventure Girl!, has been getting into all kinds of things lately. She likes to climb things and stand on top of them. She shows us how good she is at going up and down stairs, with pauses on each step to look around and make sure we're still watching and there's not anything fascinating going on behind her that she doesn't know about. She takes the occasional step. Either because I forgot to buckle her in the first place, or because I left her in her carseat long enough for her to futz with it without me noticing, she managed to climb out of her carseat on New Year's Day. On 93 (which, for those of you who aren't local, is a winding cowpath that grew up to be a four lane freeway). She likes cars much better when she can stand at the window and wave at trucks. Boy was she pissed when we strapped her back in.

Danger Lad! is very enthusiastic about the violin (if a tad hazardous to it), and also about being a reindeer. He reports that he made stars for Deval Patrick at daycare, which makes him officially the most politically active member of the family. We have been playing a lot of catch with him, and I surprise myself by getting sort of good at it. Three year-olds are so bad at catch themselves that there is no need for their partners to be good at it, and without the pressure of, say, gym class, my hand-eye coordination is definitely improving.

Knitting (with apologies for obscurity)
After months at work on the Austin Hoodie (ravel if interested), I have determined that Connie Chang Chincio is not a well woman. Her unwellness manifests as a series of increasingly bizarre and complicated ways to knit sleeves onto sweaters, so as to avoid seaming them up the back or to the shoulder. I am no longer able to indulge this peculiar fetish at this time, so I have retired to a nice, simple, raglan piece called "Mothed", which was published for free in the most recent Knitty. I have three skeins of a limited edition colorway of Madelinetosh Merino DK, which is not quite enough (especially as I want longer sleeves than the pattern calls for), but I hope to find more. Ravelry, don't fail me now!


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