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Among the other things I did this week, I read Miss Princess bedtime stories. Miss Princess got "The Barefoot Book of Princesses" for her birthday, and is only just getting over her disappointment that there is no story about a barefoot princess. There is, however, a piece called "The Birdcage Husband." "The Birdcage Husband" includes incidences of child abuse, cattle rustling, coerced marriage, some seriously whack-assed theology, and self-flagellation. I hate it when people water down stories for children, but she's five, and it's bedtime. Maybe something else would make her less wired, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie," or SAS 99. We moved on from there to Sleeping Beauty. The Barefoot Book explains the initial failure to invite that one fairy by saying that the King and Queen didn't have enough place settings. Miss Princess listened very seriously while I explained that you should *never* cut fairies from your guest list - invite all the fairies or no fairies at all - and that you can rent tableware from most caterers. She had that wide, blue-eyed look that either means she's taking it all in or she thinks I'm nuts.

[personal profile] danceboy says we have to do chores tonight. He says we have to deadhead the roses (true) and I have to do laundry (monstrously true). I think there was something else on the list as well, but I don't remember what.

And then he said he was putting a bottle of wine in the fridge. Smart man.


Jun. 24th, 2005 10:41 am
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The timber wolf puppet got here in time, and got a sweet, sweet hug on presentation. It was then totally upstaged by the tootsie pop that her grandma tied into the bow of another present.

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