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I am home sick, with a fantastic case of laryngitis. I sound crazy weird.

Yesterday, Danger Lad! and I had a conversation about Normans (file under "issues of ethnic identity, found where you'd never suspect them"). DL! wanted to know if I was a Norman. "Probably a little," I said. "Do you know what a Norman is?" I then, because I can never do things an easy way, attempted to explain about William the Conqueror and the Norman Conquest. I appear to have left my son with the impression that William invaded England because he didn't have any friends. Gosh, I can't *wait* till we get to Hitler.

Date: 2011-03-10 05:27 pm (UTC)
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Having recently had interesting discussions with my kids about William the Conqueror myself, I had to laugh at this. I grew up on stories of Robin Hood (and am especially a fan of Robin McKinley's Outlaws of Sherwood), which will give one a definite pro-Saxon/anti-Norman bias. I fully embraced this bias, in spite of being reasonably certain that I am indeed some small part Norman. (I have genealogy buffs in the family who can trace back when the name changed from the Norman French to the English; I think we can even trace it back to who in our family fought with William on that fateful day.) It is thus with some bemusement that I observed my son becoming thoroughly pro-William over the course of our discussion, his basis for this being that the previous king (Edward the Confessor, I think?) had wanted William to be king, so William should have been king, which apparently justifies any and all measures taken by William in order to carry out his dead cousin's will. Suggestions that perhaps William was lying about Edward's messenger, or that other varieties of foul play may have taken place, fell on deaf ears. Edward said he wanted William to be king and then died; case closed. Oy.

We've touched on Hitler here and there; my kids are fully convinced that he was an Evil Person -- after all, he wanted to kill God's Chosen People!!! -- but we have not gotten into the full horror of the death camps or anything like that yet. We have mostly touched on Hitler as an outgrowth of conversations about the movie version of The Sound of Music, in which D has elected to dislike Uncle Max. Her reasoning on this point has nothing to do with Uncle Max's political views, and everything to do with his smoking cigarettes. Kids can be so incredibly funny and horrifying, all at the same time.

Good luck with the laryngitis. I am also home sick, which sucks; I have stuff to do, dangit!


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I hope I'm too late to be satisfied, but I want to hear the crazy weird!

Also, who says William *didn't* invade because he was lonely?


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